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  • Donate | Tamarind Australia

    You can help us restore, rebuild and resource, to break the cycle of poverty in Northern Uganda. Donate online All gifts over $2 are Tax Deductible in Australia* Donate *For your Tax Receipt, email details of your deposit with Date, Name, Amount and your address to Or, wire your donation All gifts over $2 are Tax Deductible in Australia* BSB: 062-164 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1053 8981 ACCOUNT NAME: Tamarind Australia. ​ ​ *For your Tax Receipt, email details of your deposit with Date, Name, Amount and your address to Transparency Our 2022-2023 Financial Year Expenses. ​ "Development projects " costs directly further the work of Tamarind Australia. ​ "Staff Expenses" costs indirectly further the work of Tamarind Australia. ​ View all of o ur annual reports he re .

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  • Our Story | Tamarind Australia

    Our Story The Problem From 1987 to 2005 the people of Northern Uganda suffered greatly from the ongoing guerrilla activities of the 'Lord’s Resistance Army' (LRA). ​ ​ The situation became so bad that in 1996 the Ugandan Government created camps for about 2 million local village people to leave their homes and live in protected settlements called Internally Displaced Peoples' Camps (IDPs). ​ Here they lived in tents, got all supplies from international agencies and were unable to farm for food. In the camps many people went in as children, and many more were born there. Consequently, the local people lost their skills for farming and fending for themselves . Many children and adults lost their lives at these camps due to malnutrition, HIV-Aids, cholera and many other diseases. ​ However, this situation was not to be permanent. ​ ​ From about 200 5 peace t alks between the Ugandan Govt and the LRA were materialising, with a truce and ceasefires agreed and broken. However, some conflict continued until about 2007 when a new campaign was launched b y Amnesty International to negotiate through forgiveness. That’s when many rebels returned to their homes to be reintegrated in the community. ​ By 2007 the Government had closed all the IDP camps and ordered all the international agencies not to support camp dwellers with any projects. Consequently, people gradually started returning to their villages that they left over 20 years ago to start a new life. The only challenge was they had no farming skills, while infrastructure, health centers and local government were not in place. ​ In May 2010 President Obama signed into US law the 'Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act', sending in American troops who had returned from Iraq. These soldiers helped provide intelligence to the African Union forces (Amissom) to hunt for the remaining rebels, including the leader Joseph Kony, but to no avail. A whole generation of villagers has lost much of the knowledge and skills for growing food, let alone having the incentive to generate an extra income from more productive farming. Our Solution Tamarind exists to instil a mindset of independence amongst Northern Ugandan communities, rather than rely on government and NGO handouts. ​ We do this through teaching effective farming practices that increase yield, thus allowing villagers to move from subsistence farming with a focus on the present, to farming practices that enable villagers to set aside produce and funds for future needs. ​ We endeavour to change the hand to mouth survival mentality that was prevalent during the war, while respecting and restoring traditional cultural practices. ​ We choose to help people help themselves. Our Founders Chris has a degree in teaching, and has completed a farming scholarship with Rotary Australia. Chris is passionate about seeing his community break the cycle of poverty. Chris Ochaya and Sarah Ochaya are married with 3 children. Together, they started Tamarind in 2012 with the mission to restore, rebuild and resource the people of Northern Ugandan. Sarah has a degree in theology and counselling. She has been living in Uganda for 13 years and currently is the director of The Tribe (Ugandan artisan production). She is passionate about seeing those around her healed - body, mind and soul. Our Board Bruce McKay Chairman David Hoffman Treasurer / Secretary Diana Brand Member Michael Redding Member Thank you to our corporate supporters Werribee Rotary Connect Church Meredith Dairy What is our vision for the future of Northern Uganda? Learn more about our methods What are our programs achieving? Learn more about our projects

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  • Self Sustainability is Within Our Reach

    Dear Tamarind Partner, We hope this Tuesday finds you well. It is International Giving Tuesday. This is a global opportunity to give to a worthwhile cause. Please donate what you can to help our program grow. At Tamarind it is our goal to become fully self sustaining in the future. We are happy to announce that one of our projects, 'The Tribe' Artisans has become 100 % self sufficient this year! We are continuously developing all of our projects to be that way within the next 5 years. This means that your donations can go further to uplift these communities. Thank you for joining the Tamarind journey and playing such a vital part in breaking the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda as we Restore > Rebuild > Resource. Yours sincerely, Chris and Sarah Ochaya Founders of Tamarind Australia

  • Tamarind's Transition: and Growth!

    Dear Tamarind Partner, We hope you are well and everything is going well for you as the year comes to an end. We would love to catch up with you and connect with you when we come to Australia in about a month's time. As we plan to leave Uganda I just wanted to reassure you that Tamarind is not closing down or finishing up, it is the opposite of that, it is expanding. Please know that Tamarind will keep operating in Uganda and running as usual with all projects fully functioning with local staff. Chris plans to return to Uganda in June to check on all the projects and continue some management of projects. He will be checking on the projects in Uganda every 6-12 months. We also plan to send some expert educators from Australia to Uganda to develop and train our staff in areas that need development over the next 12 months. Our goal for Tamarind has always been that it is fully self-sustainable. It is a long process and is on the right track to be that in the near future. Chris and I moving to Australia is the next step towards that. We will develop Tamarind Australia so that it can work in partnership with Tamarind Uganda and both will support each other financially and in development. Thank you so much for all your support over the years. We really do appreciate it and appreciate your patience with us in this growth period of the journey. We are so excited about the future of Tamarind and development of Tamarind Australia and how that will be a sustainable answer to breaking the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda. Thank you for joining the Tamarind journey and playing such a vital part in breaking the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda as we Restore > Rebuild > Resource. Yours Sincerely, Chris and Sarah Ochaya Founders of Tamarind

  • Tamarind's Transition

    Dear Faithful supporter, We are so excited about the next season of Tamarind. We would love your help as we expand and grow. Transitioning a family of 5 and setting up in Australia is a leap of faith and a stretch financially. We would really appreciate whatever you can give. We only have 1 month before we leave Uganda and some huge financial goals to meet by the end of November. After living in Uganda for 13 years and growing a family and an organization there is a lot to leave and a lot to set up. For me personally I don’t like to ask for money but the nature of what we do requires me to. It is a constant reminder that it’s not about me it’s about people and a team /village of people that can make a difference. We need $30,000 to transition the team in Uganda and set up a foundation in Australia. While this seems impossible in such a short amount of time, we believe in a God that has made a way where there is no way over and over again. Please join with us in prayer and share with us this part of the Tamarind Journey. We are so thankful for what you have already given in time and prayer and just ask that you continue to pray with us over the following: We need: 30 people to give $1000 OR 60 $500 OR 90 giving $250 If you are able to donate any amount, no amount is too little. Thanks again for joining with us in any way that you can. Yours sincerely, Chris and Sarah Ochaya Founders Tamarind

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