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Our Methods

The HEALS Model

Our HEALS model (Health, Education, Agriculture, Land Redemption and Sustainability) developed in Gulu Northern Uganda is a holistic approach to community development.


The goal is to reduce poverty by supporting families on their journey towards a sustainable future.

ugandan child at bore water pump

Improving health in communities by supplying clean bore water via solar pump, and improving maternal and child nutrition by developing local agriculture.

Tamarind Australia's Vision

HEALS facilitates generational change by providing:

  • Future choices through ongoing training

  • A pathway out of poverty for adults by incorporating sound development and training methods in livelihood and agriculture practices

  • Vastly improving family health through supplying purified water and education on health practices

  • Employment opportunities and advanced skills development through establishing markets for the products development as a result of better agriculture practices taught

Through these practices, communities are becoming sustainable and self-supporting. This is the key to a strong, healthy, peaceful and thriving community, which restores dignity to individuals and heals the poverty cycle.

Moving From...

Dependence to Independence

After a war, what do you do when all the government aid trucks roll out of town?

We seek to RESTORE a culture and community that has been ravaged by war, by changing the mindset of dependence upon aid to one of individual and communal opportunity and responsibility for future wellbeing.


Restoration encompasses economic and social spheres and is concerned with restoring dignity and agency of people.

Subsistence to
Self Sustainability

In a time of war you kill a chicken and eat it. In a time of peace you learn to like eggs.

We seek to REBUILD a livelihood that knows nothing but poverty and to break down the mindset forged through trauma that leads to temporal solutions and lack of forward planning.

Rebuilding encompasses education, counselling, and utilises coaching and mentoring to inspire and guide people to plan and live a better future.

Poverty to

You can't grow a plant without a seed, but if someone provides you with some seeds, soon you'll have a lot of plants.


We seek to RESOURCE the local community through tangible projects to enable marginalised communities to become self -supporting and create ongoing economic opportunities for a sustainable future.


Resourcing encompasses practical assistance necessary to help communities develop their skills, breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

We Operate Through Three Programs

The Demonstration Farm

The Farm is located in Pagak 20km north of Gulu city. We demonstrate, train and teach farmers in the Pagak community. This involves practical hands-on experiences with crops and animals. We also have a store house and training centre where we teach farmers forward planning and how to get the best out of their yield.


We have impacted over 500 farmers in the last 10 years.

The Operations Centre

The OC is located in Bardege Te-Dam Gulu and focuses on developing the community. We teach farming, basic business skills, and demonstrate animal husbandry.




Over 150 Bardege community members have had their lives changed by Tamarind.

The Tribe

The Tribe is a small group of artisan women who use their skills to generate income to provide for their families. We teach basic business skills, bead making and cooking.


We have reached over 100 women throughout Gulu in the last 10 years.

Why is Tamarind's work needed in Northern Uganda?

What are our programs achieving?

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