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'The Tribe' Artisans

The Tribe Artisans creates modern jewellery designs, the best of Ugandan style with a Western aesthetic.


Employees make unique pieces from hand-rolled paper beads. Paper is from recycled sources and chosen for its unique look. Some of our employees are single parents, and The Tribe enables them to have a job using their skills, and to ensure their children are able to be educated.

The Tribe has a particular focus on women, and guarantees them a set fair local wage each month (either part time or full time). 


The Tribe Artisan's products are sold in upmarket salon chain 'Banana Boat' in Kampala Uganda, and also at pop-up stores in Australia and the UK.

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2 of our staff at our beads project. Their employment means their children can go to schoo
women in the process of creating beaded jewellery
logo of our jewellry company the tribe; the words "the tribe" surrounded by a stroke of black paint

The Tribe restores skills and abilities to sustain a business. 

It rebuilds and develops further skills in business so as to break the poverty cycle. 

It resources vulnerable ladies to build and develop a business that can help sustain their lives, put their kids through school and support their families. The Tribe resources them in leadership skills and business skills. 

Funding Goal

$20 000
per year

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