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Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Tamarind Australia? Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions, collected for your convenience in one place. Click on a question to be taken to the answer.

What is Tamarind Australia's vision?

Tamarind Australia's Vision is for Northern Ugandan communities to become sustainable and self-supporting, restoring dignity to individuals and healing the poverty cycle.

What type of organisation is Tamarind Australia?

Tamarind Australia is a non-profit unincorporated association registered in Australia and administered by a volunteer board, chaired by Bruce McKay. It exists to alleviate poverty with a particular focus on Northern Uganda.

Who are Chris and Sarah?

Chris Ochaya and Sarah Ochaya are the founders of Tamarind Australia. They are a married couple living in Gulu, Northern Uganda.

What do Chris and Sarah do in Uganda?

Chris and Sarah, along with their local employees, teach communities skills vital for self-sufficiency.

Who works for Tamarind Australia?

Our founders work closely with a group of local employees in Uganda, with the support of our Australia based volunteer board.

What is Tamarind Australia working on at the moment?

Our continuous programs at The Tribe, The Operations Centre and The Demonstration Farm are always in action. Other projects often have set completion milestones. Check out our projects page or follow us on social media for more detailed and regular updates.

Where in Uganda does Tamarind Australia operate?

Our efforts are focused in Gulu in Northern Uganda due to the profound impacts of war upon the community there. Our operations centre is 5 kilometres north-east of Gulu town centre, and our demonstration farm is 26 kilometres to the north-east. Uganda's capital city Kampala is about 285 kilometres south of Gulu.

Is Tamarind Australia a Christian organisation?

Although this organisation is run by a group of committed Christians and supported by a network of Christian churches, it is not officially a Christian organisation. Our focus is on community development, not on evangelism.

Are charity donations tax deductible?

In Australia, yes. Any donation over $2 is tax deductible. To receive your Tax Receipt of your donation to Tamarind Australia, email details of your deposit (with Date, Name and Amount and your address) to

Donate here

How does Tamarind Australia use its funds?

In 2022, 62.7% of our expenses went directly into our projects. 36.4% of our expenses went toward living and maintenance. 0.9% went to bank fees.

What is Tamarind Australia named after?

The Tamarind tree! It is native to Africa and is one of the strongest trees on the continent - not even an elephant can knock it down! It produces fruit for the local community, shade for animals and perches for birds. Like its namesake, Tamarind Australia is a strong organisation whose presence in Northern Uganda provides sustenance, shelter and supports the local community, helping them to grow and develop into a thriving people group.

What can I do to help Tamarind Australia?

If you have the means to, you can donate right here on the website. The Tribe have jewellery available to purchase in certain regions. Follow us on social media and spread the word.

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