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Tamarind's Transition: and Growth!

Dear Tamarind Partner,

We hope you are well and everything is going well for you as the year comes to an end. We would love to catch up with you and connect with you when we come to Australia in about a month's time.

As we plan to leave Uganda I just wanted to reassure you that Tamarind is not closing down or finishing up, it is the opposite of that, it is expanding. Please know that Tamarind will keep operating in Uganda and running as usual with all projects fully functioning with local staff. Chris plans to return to Uganda in June to check on all the projects and continue some management of projects. He will be checking on the projects in Uganda every 6-12 months. We also plan to send some expert educators from Australia to Uganda to develop and train our staff in areas that need development over the next 12 months.

Our goal for Tamarind has always been that it is fully self-sustainable. It is a long process and is on the right track to be that in the near future. Chris and I moving to Australia is the next step towards that. We will develop Tamarind Australia so that it can work in partnership with Tamarind Uganda and both will support each other financially and in development.

Thank you so much for all your support over the years. We really do appreciate it and appreciate your patience with us in this growth period of the journey. We are so excited about the future of Tamarind and development of Tamarind Australia and how that will be a sustainable answer to breaking the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda.

Thank you for joining the Tamarind journey and playing such a vital part in breaking the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda as we Restore > Rebuild > Resource.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris and Sarah Ochaya

Founders of Tamarind

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