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Tamarind's Transition

Dear Faithful supporter,

We are so excited about the next season of Tamarind. We would love your help as we expand and grow. Transitioning a family of 5 and setting up in Australia is a leap of faith and a stretch financially. We would really appreciate whatever you can give. We only have 1 month before we leave Uganda and some huge financial goals to meet by the end of November.

After living in Uganda for 13 years and growing a family and an organization there is a lot to leave and a lot to set up. For me personally I don’t like to ask for money but the nature of what we do requires me to. It is a constant reminder that it’s not about me it’s about people and a team /village of people that can make a difference.

We need $30,000 to transition the team in Uganda and set up a foundation in Australia. While this seems impossible in such a short amount of time, we believe in a God that has made a way where there is no way over and over again. Please join with us in prayer and share with us this part of the Tamarind Journey.

We are so thankful for what you have already given in time and prayer and just ask that you continue to pray with us over the following:

We need:

30 people to give $1000


60 $500


90 giving $250

Thanks again for joining with us in any way that you can.

Yours sincerely,

Chris and Sarah Ochaya

Founders Tamarind

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