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The Tribe

One Step Forward and the Tribe will Follow

Though the tribe has morphed and changed over the last 10 years, it is still a grassroots project, helping the few to make generational change in an in-depth way. We have front row seats, watching as the poverty cycle is broken in individual’s lives, not just in this lifetime but in the next generation to come.

Justine has been working for the tribe for nearly 5 years and is one of the individuals that has been part of that change that will last. She is a mother of 4 children and the sole, steady provider for her family (her partner is in and out of work and not able to sustain a constant income). Through Justine’s faithful commitment to work for the tribe, she has been able to pay her children’s school fees and put food on the table. This generational impact means her children will have a chance to get a good job when they have completed their education.

She is not only investing in their education, but is also teaching them to live a generous life and give to others in need. Recently, Eli (my second son) had a cold, Nickolas (Justine’s eldest son of 11) used 1,000 shillings (50 cents) he had earned to buy Eli some lemons to help him get over his cold. This small act of kindness and generosity spoke volumes to me. Those that have little give much, such a heart of compassion and generosity from a 11-year-old boy. This is the generational change we’re talking about in action. We hope the tribe has such an impact that as we take one step forward, others follow—changing generation after generation.

If you would like to know more, we would love to connect with you and share our story and our vision. Join us on Facebook 9th July for an online presentation we will host. If you would like to join the journey right now and sow into Tamarind today, we will give you a tax-deductible receipt for end-of-year financial giving, which means the reaping will be two-fold —you will also be part of the change to help break the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda.

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