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Updated: May 16, 2022


We are so thankful to all of you who have been supporting us over the years. It has been some time since we have updated you, so come with us as we take a brief glance at Tamarind right now!

Tamarind is in search of someone like you to partner with in a strategic vision and the future of Tamarind to break the poverty cycle in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Our aim is to bring change to this nation through mentoring, training locals in self–sustainability, and teaching business development strategies. Currently, this process happens through engagement in 3 primary projects:

1) Chicken rearing and egg production.

We are raising chickens for egg production. This income will generate local jobs and enable us to teach and train up to 50 people each year in egg production, helping to develop self-sustainability for families in the community. The work has already begun and is based at our Operation Centre.

2) The Tribe Artisans.

We are tapping into Gulu’s creativity and employing a number of local artisans to design unique African artwork and jewellery. Currently, we supply a popular store in the heart of Uganda and international markets in Australia and beyond. The funds from the sale of these products enables ongoing development, business training, and stability in the lives of our employees and their families.

3) Demonstration Farm.

The farm teaches local people how to manage their land, raise animals, grow healthier crops, and store their harvest for the highest yield, providing farmers with the means to take good care of their families.

We are working hard to continue to grow and develop, to become more effective, and to reach and train more people. We can’t do any of it without you. Partner with us to break the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda.

Sarah Ochaya

Founder of Tamarind Australia

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