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Meet Justine

Updated: May 16, 2022

Hello! Meet Justine.

Justine is The Tribe artisans’ full-time beading director. She has been working for Tamarind for four years and is creative and meticulous about her work. She is a single mother of three boys, sometimes bringing her son Omara with her because there is no childcare in Uganda. Whether it is rain or shine she arrives with him on her back, always so kind and considerate, never complaining about anything. Even though her life is full of challenges, she always come to work with a smile on her face and an attitude to accomplish a job well done. We are so grateful to have her on the Tamarind team and love her dedication to life no matter the circumstances. Help us continue to pay her wage, which will equip her to support her boys in getting an education so they may grow up to break the cycle of poverty.

Some of our new products that you can purchase:

The funds from the sale of these products enables ongoing development, business training, and stability in the lives of our employees and their families.

We are working hard to continue to grow and develop, to become more effective, and to reach and train more people. We can’t do any of it without you. Partner with us to break the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda. One step forward and the tribe will follow...

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