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Harvest 2020!!!

What we have been waiting for!

Though there has been a world-wide pandemic, Tamarind has seen a harvest, and for that, we are so thankful.

The Demonstration Farm has grown and is harvesting

  • Beans

  • Maize

  • G-nuts - (small peanuts)

The OC (Operation Centre) has grown and is harvesting

  • Beans

  • Sweet Potatoes

All of these crops are staple foods in Uganda and the core of many dishes.

Though we have seen a harvest, we had to work hard to get there because it is not just about what we reap but what we sow and the conditions under which we do so.

There are so many correlations between the simplicity of farming and the personal reflections on the soul and ones being. In reflection, Tamarind has seen the steady growth and its involvement in community development. Individual lives have been changed, whether in ever so slight ways or huge shifts in mindset. It is not our intention to push people to a place they don’t want to go, to over water and cause roots to rot, but we want to create the right environment for the best growth possible.

Before the seed can be sown, the ground needs to be prepared. The way that happens in Uganda by the everyday farmer is usually by hand and hoe. This physical labour is a reminder of the hard work that needs to be done to prepare for the precious seed. The preparing of the soil and removing unwanted weeds and stones is a key to the kind of crop the farmer will reap, parallel to how we grow personally.

Sowing of the seed is necessary for anything to grow! The soil and water nurture the seed. The season and weather also play a part in the seed’s growth. In Uganda, things happen very naturally, which means crops are watered according to the rain, and insects and disease are great in quantity, bringing constant challenge. Just like in life, there are so many things we cannot control, things happen naturally even though we try to manipulate the outcome by our own devises. There is plenty of room for development and advancement, but the balance of simplicity and life needs to be a part of the equation for a healthy crop.

Harvest is the fruits of labour and depends on how we prepare and sow. The quantity and quality are determined by the seasons, soil, and challenges, just like our quantity and quality of life. Who we are is affected by what has happened up to this point, the seasons of life, the place we are rooted in, and the challenges that are put in front of us.

What we do with the harvest is up to us.

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