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Foundations for the Future

I am an Aussie Gal that headed to Uganda Africa in 2006 to help Orphans and Widows. To Africa with Love! And in Africa I found Love! Love the people, love the country, and fell in love! Now I am running a Community Based Organization called Tamarind with my Husband. In 2010 as we worked with survivors of war we saw the need in the community for Business Development and Self Sustainability focusing on equipping the locals within their community, through training so they can be empowered and then provide for their own families.

A hand up, not a hand out!

Currently we have started to build a house/office. Operation Centre Tamarind is underway! You might be asking what is this Operation Centre for?? Good question! It will be used for Offices, Volunteer Accommodation, Bead Workshop, and Directors housing. We believe that we need to put a stake in the ground to show the community that we are serious about supporting them in – REBUILDING LOCAL COMMUNITY FOR LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY, RESOURCING LOCAL COMMUNITY FOR LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY and RENEWING LOCAL COMMUNITY FOR LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY.

As part of this Centre we want to provide the community with a shared Bore Hole. Most locals in this area get water for drinking, washing dishes and clothes, and bathing from a dirty stream near by. The nearest Bore Hole were you can get clean safe water is 4 kilometres away. Help us help them! We want to start the Bore hole next week so don't delay and donate away!

Sarah Ochaya

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