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Dry Season

Dry season is December to March and equals nonstop 25 degree to 40 degree heat, cool nights and hot days, dry winds, everything in your house and car covered in orange dust, goats pigs and chickens scrounging in every garden for food, a lack of fresh vegetables, increased prices of 50% on everything, nonstop dryness, loads of fires, black ash storms all the time, washing dries in 1 hour, dry cracked feet, dry skin, moisture sucked from every part of your body, drinking loads of water, looking for every opportunity to get cool, wells dry up, water is scarce and sourced from river beds, a lot of construction is done and bricks are made!

For the first time, Tamarind has made its own bricks! A lot of our farming is on hold. With no rain, irrigation is very difficult. Tamarind has some big projects coming and some of them involve construction. While we have not been able to employ people for farming, we have been able to employ men to lay bricks. There has been a team of 5-8 men working the brick process.

1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7-

They dig the soil

They wet the soil

Let ferment for one week

Hand put the wet fermented soil into brick moulds and carry it to be laid in the sun Cover the bricks to dry

Stack in a big mound

Burn the bricks using firewood

All this is done by hand; no machines.

Tamarind is working hard at being self-sustainable in every way that it possibly can, so we can continue to Restore a broken country, Rebuild a culture and humanity, and Resource people to break the poverty cycle. Giving a Hand up not a hand out!

Please join us in this journey with regular updates on Facebook and Instagram. Partner with us in this exciting, grass roots, Community Based Organisation.

Much Love and kind regards,

Chris and Sarah Ochaya

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