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Updated: May 5, 2022

(The Store House)

Tamarind branches spread wide over Northern Uganda. This week we want to focus on one of our 4 projects “The Store House,” which is located in Pagak (about 22 kilometres out of Gulu town towards the boarder of South Sudan and Northern Uganda). Our vision for the demonstration farm is to teach sustainable farming to the community, for the community. We believe this is not for our personal legacy but for the legacy of the community and for Acholiland. We know we may not get to see the benefits or lasting sustainability that we sow back into the land. However, we believe God knows. We have been called to be the sowers and RESTORE a land and people back to their roots—farming—and REBUILD an ethic of sustainable living.

We RESOURCE farmers that surround our farm with local farming education—skills to cross crop and get the most out of the land. We offer a space to store produce to get best-market value for it. Our vision is big, but our resources are limited.

If you would like to know more, we would love to connect with you and share our story and our vision. Join us on Facebook 9th July for an online presentation we will host. If you would like to join the journey right now and sow into Tamarind today, we will give you a tax-deductible receipt for end of year financial giving, which means the reaping will be two-fold —you will also be a part of the change to help break the poverty cycle in Northern Uganda.

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